Shipping update May 24th 2021

During this pandemic shipping has been a problem. 

DHL Express has gone more or less as before, a few days delay maybe in general. This is the more expensive shipping option. 

DHL Global Mail has had larger delays, especially for shipments that goes over the Atlantic or down to Australia and New Zealand. 

Shipments to USA and Canada are delayed in Frankfurt due to the lack of commercial flights (this type of shipment go by commercial flights). In some cases I have seen parcels stay in Frankfurt for 4-5 weeks before they get on a plane to the US. Once commercial flights pick up (June 7th) this should speed up considerably. 

This is the latest message I have from Deutsche Post (my shipper from Frankfurt to destination) regarding shipments to Australia and New Zealand

    Australia and New Zealand: Transport capacities to Australia and New Zealand are currently considerably reduced, so that the dispatch of letters and parcels can only be maintained under special measures. We have therefore developed a solution for some products which combines air freight transport to the Middle East or South Asia with subsequent forwarding by sea freight and which enables us to lift previously existing restrictions on routing. We hereby expressly draw your attention to the fact that very long transit times must be expected with this combined air/sea diversion. The transit time is furthermore affected by the duration of import customs clearance at the ports and currently amounts to 40 days or more for shipments with destination Australia. To New Zealand, a transit time of 50 days and longer is to be expected.
    If the shipment volumes exceed the available capacities on the direct flights, we reserve the right to transport other products to the destination countries in the same way.


    Sorry for the delays. 


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