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Product Image 0 Euro Camino Banknote

0 Euro Camino Banknote


Wait, what?

You might haver some questions:

  • Can I buy things with this note? 
    • No, it is not legal tender. You get it if you are a collector or if you just want a souvenir from your camino walk. 
  • How different is if from a regular euro note?
    • The quality of this is pretty amazing. It is printed on the same paper as the euro notes and has similar security features. If I did not see the "0 euro" on it, I would think it was a normal euro note. 

See also the "0 Euro Camino Burgos note". 

There are many versions of the 0 Euro note, this one has ben made with the Camino de Santiago in mind. 

The idea behind the 0 euro note got started in 2015. The souvenir Euro notes made to the same standards as the currency, but without value. These can then be sold at a profit to commemorate places or events. Since then these have become increasingly popular, and the European Central Bank has approved their printing, 


    • Paper of 100% cotton with a custom watermark and copper stripe
    • Offset printing with numerous iridescent shades, micro-stripes, banknote security backgrounds, a hologram and only under UV light visible ink
    • Engraved tactile recess
    • A hologram
    • An individual serial number


    • Tactile markings
    • Watermark
    • Micro printing
    • Transparent registration 5. Security background
    • Hologram
    • Listing zone
    • Security background
    • Micro band
    • Micro printing background
    • Copper band
    • Transparent registration



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