Scratch-off Camino Map



Great if you are doing the Camino ver several trips, scratch off the part you have already finished. Also good for people at home following your progress across Spain. Comes in a handy tube. 

Size: 60 cm by 20 cm

What is a Scratch-off Map?
Even though we are living in an age where information spreads at an unbelievably fast pace, there are still plenty of people out there wondering what is a scratch-off map. Sometimes things aren’t as complicated as they seem. A scratch-off map is exactly what the name suggests – a type of interactive map, designed to help people keep track and plan their trips around the world. The concept is pretty easy. On top of a colorful and detailed geographical map, there is a special removable foil layer that you have to separate once you visit a certain place on the scratch out map. This can be achieved with the help of a scratcher, similarly how people remove such layers on a lottery ticket.

If compared to an ordinary map that can sometimes be encountered in one’s household, the scratch away map outshines its outdated predecessor in all possible ways.

First of all, modern scratch off maps always come with a bright and creative design that begs you to put it on your wall and freshen the interior. Such scratch-off map poster will most definitely catch an eye of your visitors and become a perfect conversation starter as all of us love chatting about traveling.

Secondly, scratchable maps have one very important trait that ordinary maps don’t have. They are all interactive, which not only brings a fun new activity to the life of adults, but also creates a new source of entertainment for kids. A lot of happy scratch wall map owners state that as soon as they come back from vacation, their kids rush to the map to remove the layer of the country they just visited to make them one step closer to clearing the whole thing.

Finally, scratch-off maps even managed to outperform classic wall maps in the one thing they were created for – education. As it was proven a long time ago, children are known to learn the best if the learning process is presented in a form of a game. Some schools even use scratch-off maps in early geography classes, which may just put such maps in the category of must-have items in your household.

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