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Product Image A Secret Guide: Santiago de Compostela for Pilgrims

A Secret Guide: Santiago de Compostela for Pilgrims

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For the first time, this guide offers a view of the city of Santiago de Compostela from the perspective of a pilgrim on St. James’s Way. Footprints that have been hidden by time that connect historic pilgrims with the modern ones. We suggest following them around the cathedral, the old pilgrim hospitals, the churches and the most important Jacobean street. If you arrived in Santiago as a pilgrim, complete the journey.

Discover the city in a practical, rigorous, enjoyable and revealing way: the city that was born to be the convergence point for the universal Jacobean route and its travellers.

About the author and the book:

  • Author: Manuel F. Rodríguez.
    Manolo lives in Santiago de Compostela and has worked for Xacobeo for many years. A true expert on the history of the Camino de Santiago.
  • Language: English
    The book is a translation from spanish to english
  • Pages: 208
  • Printed on quality paper (it means that it weighs just over 500 grams)



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