Camino to Santiago: A Spiritual Companion

Camino to Santiago: A Spiritual Companion

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People embark on the Camino to Santiago for any number of reasons – a diversity that is reflected in this selection of stories written by pilgrims from across the English-speaking world. For some it is a walk of faith. For some it is a test of their perseverance and stamina. Some go with friends or family, some find new friends along the way, and some go in memory of those whose pilgrimage is over. For all of them, though, however personally testing they may have found walking the Camino to Santiago, it remains with them as a source of inspiration to draw on for the rest of their lives. That inspiration shines through in this beautifully illustrated collection of pilgrims’ stories which also includes information about the Pilgrim Associations in English-speaking countries for readers interested in embarking upon their own pilgrimage.

Paper book, 84 pages
Soft cover


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