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Product Image In Movement There Is Peace: Stumbling 500 Miles Along the Way to the Spirit

In Movement There Is Peace: Stumbling 500 Miles Along the Way to the Spirit


This couple's journey down the ancient Camino Frances will rock your beliefs about fear, security and taking risks.
In Movement There is Peace is a powerful tale of travel, adventure and unexpected faith while backpacking the Camino de Santiago. Stepping onto the Way of Saint James begins with a doctor who walks away from her practice to cure her own paralyzing anxiety. Once free, she discovers that leaving is really only fleeing if there's no new direction. Could this be the reason for her husband's sudden inspiration?
"I want us to walk the Way of Saint James, it's an 800 kilometer pilgrimage across northern Spain."
After deliberating the wisdom of walking 500 miles with no planning or physical conditioning and little religious faith, the two set off on a journey to walk the Camino.
Their "no-plan" plan triggers a series of extraordinary events that can only be explained as divine intervention. It starts with an enigmatic suggestion from a former pilgrim who sends them off with a caution: "There are no coincidences on the Camino."

The tale itself is a funny, fascinating pilgrim's progress seeded by unique characters and amazing surprises. Follow along the pilgrim's path as it shares its secrets on how to:
  • Create a life that's unafraid of death
  • Make a leap of faith and land closer to paradise
  • Experience emotional lightness by carrying a smaller physical load
  • Journey without plans, and have more fun doing it
If you've ever doubted yourself or your abilities, read this book.
"From the first preparations for the 500-mile pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago to the final exhausted steps of its completion you are literally swept along on a journey across the Pyrenees..."
- Dr. Robert Page 

"I thought reading a book about a couple completing the walk would be helpful. It has proved to be something much much more. A truly inspirational story filled with deeper, thought-provoking passages relevant to anyone embarking on a challenge such as the Camino..."

- Hydeho

"In preparing for my first Camino, I've been reading many books on the subject.
In Movement There Is Peace has been the best I have read ..."

- Richard Meyer

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