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Product Image A Camino de Invierno Guide (The Winter Route to Santiago)

A Camino de Invierno Guide (The Winter Route to Santiago)

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This Guide come with 1 free Camino passport

This is the first (and only?) English speaking guide to the Camino del Invierno. It has a few pages on the history of this camino and then the 9 stages from Ponferrada to Santiago. High level stage maps (see photos of the interior of the book) and description of each of the stages. 

The book has 204 pages and weigh 300 grams. 

This guide has also:

  • 204 pages colour photographs.
  • Detailed information of places of interest to visit with historical references.
  • General map of the Winter Route.
  • Map and profiles of each stage.
  • Each stage and individual sections contain information for cyclists.
  • QR Codes and webpages after each section (information on accommodation and restaurants in each town or village).
  • History of the Recuperation of the Winter Route.



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