Santiago de Compostela photo book in 3D



Juan Feans is a photographer who lives in Santiago de Compostela. This book is a collection of his best black and white photos of Santiago de Compostela. Each photo is presented in the following way when you open the book:

  • The left page has the photo and the name of the location in Castellano, Galician, English and French. 
  • A QR code that links to the location (in google maps) of the location of this photo.
  • The right page has the same photos as seen on the let page, but in a 3D version. (3D glasses are included in the book). With the 3D glasses the pillars and the architecture really pops out and you feel like you are at that location just looking at it. 

About the book: 

  • 55 pages
  • Hard cover
  • Size: 31cm by 21cm
  • Weight 700 grams

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