2018 edition Camino Portugués Guide (Wise Pilgrim Guide)

2018 edition Camino Portugués Guide (Wise Pilgrim Guide)


This is the 2018 edition. Get the new 2019 edition here.


This is the 2018 edition. Get the new 2019 edition here.


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Each book ordered will include (at no extra cost):

- 1 "Camino Passport" (from the Cathedral in Santiago) 

Following the success of the Wise Pilgrim App for the Camino Portugués, the guide has been improved and expanded to include the Coastal Way.  It is now being prepared for the first print version.

The guidebooks will include:

  • The same comprehensive accommodation directory.  Including all albergues. Hotels, paradors, casa rurales, pensions, and camp sites. For albergues you will know: how many beds (including private rooms) the albergue has and how much they cost, phone number, months (and hours) open,  and whether the albergue accepts non-pilgrims or reservations.  You will also know whether they have a bar/restaurant, a kitchen for your use, whether they serve a group dinner, have vegetarian options, wifi, laundry facilities, or bicycle storage.
  • City by city information. Navigation tips and cautions, historical references, a list of available service (pharmacies, restaurants, atms, that kind of stuff) and dates for local fiestas.
  • Large Scale Maps:  Large Scale Maps with no pre-determined stages. These maps are at the start of the book and are the best reference for anyone wanting to plan ahead without having to flip through the book.
  • Elevation Profile:  The elevation profile sits alongside the large scale maps, giving you a better overview of the terrain ahead.
  • City Maps: Lots and lots of city maps.  From the small villages to the regional capitals, if there is more than one option for accommodation a map is included to help you find it.  These maps are inline with the guide and also show the nearest grocery, albergue, pharmacy, atm, and other bits.  
  • Coastal Route Maps:  Because the Coastal Route and Litoral Route can be difficult to distinguish, additional maps are included which highlight their differences.
  • Detours and alternative routes: The camino splits in a few places, and when it does an overview is provided to help you visualize the option ahead.
  • Quick booking links.  For cities where accommodation is available on booking.com, a QR code is included (in an appendix) to help you get the task done with the least amount of clicking possible.

Dimensions - Approximate

Metric: 11.5 x 18.5 cm, and  240g 

Less Metric: 4.5 x 7.25 in, and a measly 8.5oz.

Printed: May 2017

ISBN: 978-84-697-3917-4

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