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Product Image Advertisement on the Camino Forum

Advertisement on the Camino Forum


The Camino Forum was created in 2004 and has since then grown with the increased interest in the Camino. 

I used to have a plugin installed that would count clicks on ads, making it possible for me to charge per click. This plugin does not work on this new version of the forum so I have decoded to just charge a fixed fee per month. I do not know how many will click on the ad, but you can count this on your end seeing how many come to your site from my site. 

There are some small banners available for purchase (see image). They show up on all forum pages, at the top of the sidebar.  

After you have purchased a banner, please e-mail me
(ivar@casaivar.com) and attach a 100x100px banner.
Also indicate the url where the banner should link to. 

Some information on the visitors to the forum: 

  • About 120.000 visitors (unique visitors) per month in the spring/summer/fall period. About 100.000 unique visitors per month in the winter season. 
  • There are about 730.000 pageviews per month
  • Top 3 countries: USA (about 28%), UK (about 12%) and Canada (about 8%). See the "Top 10" countries in one of the image. 
  • If you want more details, please get in touch ivar@casaivar.com

All prices include the sales tax in Spain (21%). 



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