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Product Image Advertisement on the Camino Forum

Advertisement on the Camino Forum


The Camino Forum was created in 2004 and has since then grown with the increased interest in the Camino. 

If you are interested in buying advertising space on the forum, I have 1 banner location available for sale (see example image, Art Natura Finisterre Tours). The banner shows up on every page on the forum, just under the title of the thread (or under the forum title on the homepage). 

There may be several banners active at one time, your banner will be randomly shown among the other banners active at any time. 

You pre-pay for x number of clicks on your ad. Once you have reached your click limit, the ad will automatically go away. Said in another way, you pre pay for x number of visitors to your site, once that number is reached, the ad stops. 

If you are interested, the process is as follows: 

  1. Make a payment here for the number of click (visitors to your site) that you would like to buy. 
  2. Send me the banner by e-mail (ivar@casaivar.com) that you would like to use as well as the url that you would like to user to visit when he/she clicks your banner. The banner can be in the .png or .jpg format and needs to be  (728x90) in size. 
  3. I will set up the ad for you. If you have a username on the forum, please let me know since then you can see performance statistics on the banner as we go along. If you do not have a username, no worries. 

Some information on the visitors to the forum: 

  • About 120.000 visitors (unique visitors) per month in the spring/summer/fall period. About 100.000 unique visitors per month in the winter season. 
  • Top 3 countries: USA (about 28%), UK (about 12%) and Canada (about 8%). See the "Top 10" countries in one of the image. 

All prices include the sales tax in Spain (21%).