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Product Image Camino Frances Notebook Credential (approved by the Cathedral in Santiago)

Camino Frances Notebook Credential (approved by the Cathedral in Santiago)

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This credential has been created by a publisher here in Santiago and is in the format of a small book. It has similarities with the other credential since it has:

  • Place for name and other personal information, point of departure, if you walk by foot, bike/cycle or by horseback. (See images above)
  • Introduction by the Dean of the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela
  • Place for stamps that you receive along the way (place for 48 stamps)
  • A Pilgrim prayer 

Things that this credential have, that the other does not:

  • A large section of the credential contains hand drawings of monuments along the Camino Frances (38 of them), with space for you to write your personal refections. The drawing is on the right page, and the space for note is on the left page for each of the 38 drawings. 
  • A section for your personal notes (with no drawings). 
  • Each Notebook Credential is individually numbered on the back with a reference number. 

The Notebook Credential comes in English, Castilian, Galego, French and German. All languages in the same book.  

This credential has been approved by the Cathedral in Santiago as a valid credential. (I have verified this with the pilgrims office)




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