Selling your product on the Camino Forum Shop

I often get approached with questions related to "I would like to sell my product in your store. What do i need  to do?". Here are some thoughts on this, feel free to contact me if you have more questions. 

I would love to sell your product here in this store, but...

  1. The product needs to be Camino related.

  2. Please let me know what would be the price you can sell me your product for, and what is the price that you would recommend me to sell it for? (Are you selling it on other websites, what is the price there?).

    I ask this just too see how much I can make on selling your product. The income from the store is partly how I make a living now.

    Just to give you an idea of the numbers. Imagine that you can sell me a book for €5,- and that I can sell it on the store for €10,-. I have to pay €40,- in shipping cost for you to ship 10 books to Santiago.

    My selling price (€10,-) does include 4% Spanish VAT (the VAT for books is 4%, for other types of products it is 21%), so €9,60 for me and €0,40 goes to the Spanish government.

    So using the example above I would pay you €90,- for you to sell me and ship me 10 books. So I have a cost of €9,- per book. I sell it at €9,60, giving me a profit per book of €0,60. After promoting your book and (hopefully) selling the 10 copies, I would have have made €6,-.

    Please keep this in mind when you quote me a price for your product. If your product is not a book, the VAT is 21% making it even more difficult.
  3. For me to pay you we need to make an official invoice. If you are in Europe, you need to have a VAT number. The invoice that you send me need to include both your and my VAT number. I can not make any payments without a valid invoice.
  4. For those of you that are outside the EU, I would also need a "certificado de residencia fiscal" (Certificate of Fiscal Residency). Your invoice will not have VAT and the Spanish government need to know that you are fiscally a resident of the country you say your are from. If you are in the USA, I believe this would be the form.

    oohh how I would love for this not to be so complicated!

The reason for my lack of response to many of you related to this, is that I needed to figure all this out with my accountant. I wanted to have this all figured out before I started.

Please get in touch with a proposal (numbers and explanation of your product) if you are still interested in selling your products in my store. I would love to grow the store with mo re interesting products.

Buen Camino!


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