Return policy


I offer two shipping methods on the store:

  1. As a letter with the post office with a tracking number.
    Delivery time: About 10 days. Max weight 2kg. 
  2. World Wide Express with DHL.
    Delivery time: 3 to 4 business days.

Regular letter

I have been working with Spanish post office (Correos) since I started the store way back when. In February 2020 I started working close with DHL and Deucthe Post more closely. They offer a service that is economical, has a tracking number and gets to all over the world in about 10 days. So a win-win-win situation since I did loose a lot os shipments with Correos. With Correos an items could take 4 weeks to get to Australia or Canada, and had no tracking number... not a good situation to be in especially if I had to resend items, and wait another few weeks to get the products. Now with Deucthe Post there is a tracking number and we can see the progress of each item.  

DHL World Wide Express

DHL is very reliable, and I have never lost a shipment with them. 2-3 business days to anywhere in the world. A bit pricier, but fast and secure delivery. The cost is decided by the weight and the destination country.


Please feel free to get in touch with me if you receive any item that might have broken during shipping. I will resend that item.

If you feel like you would like to return any other item you have bought, just send it back to me and I will give you a refund for that item.