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Cicerone: The GR11 Trail

Cicerone: The GR11 Trail

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The Traverse of the Spanish Pyrenees - La Senda Pirenaica

The GR11 traverses the Spanish Pyrenees from Irún on the Atlantic coast to Cap de Creus on the Mediterranean, and often enjoys better weather than its French counterpart, the GR10. Leading over high passes and through sweeping valleys, the 820km route is presented in 47 stages. Trekkers require experience of high mountains.

This comprehensive guidebook to the magnificent GR11 trail, which runs 820km from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, provides everything trekkers will need to take up the challenge - detailed route description, excellent photographs, lots of background information and unique, custom-produced maps. This glorious traverse of the Pyrenees, on the Spanish side, is a serious challenge - passing over a succession of high alpine passes where boulderfields, scree slopes and occasional snowfields may need to be crossed. It is presented in 47 stages of 8-31km.

It is well waymarked and has regular opportunities to top up on food and drink, described within the routes and in a detailed place-by-place appendix at the back. Also included are bad weather options - although the weather is often good along this route - detours to find accommodation at some points, and advice on where to stay, supplies, language and logistics, as well as a glossary including Aragon, Basque and Catalan words, to help you find your way.

National and natural parks
From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean
The GR11
Weather and when to go
Getting to the start
Getting home
Culture and language
Using this guide

Getting to Cabo de Higuer from Irún
Stage 1 Cabo de Higuer to Bera (Vera de Bidosoa)
Stage 2 Bera to Elizondo
Stage 3 Elizondo to Puerto de Urkiago
Stage 4 Puerto de Urkiago to Burguete (Auritz)
Stage 5 Burguete to Hiriberri (Villanueva de Aezkoa)
Stage 6 Hiriberri to Ochagavía (Otsagabia)
Stage 7 Ochagavía to Isaba (Izaba)
Stage 8 Isaba to Zuriza (over Peña Ezkaurri, GR11-4)
Stage 9 Zuriza to La Mina
Stage 9A Zuriza to Hotel Usón (Puen de Santana) (GR11-1)
Stage 10 La Mina to Refugio de Lizara (GR11)
Stage 10A Hotel Usón to Refugio de Lizara (GR11-1)
Stage 11 Refugio de Lizara to Candanchú
Stage 12 Candanchú to Sallent de Gállego (Sallén de Galligo)
Stage 13 Sallent de Gállego to Refugio de Respomuso
Stage 14 Refugio de Respomuso to Baños de Panticosa
Stage 15 Baños de Panticosa to San Nicolás de Bujaruelo (Buxargüelo)
Stage 16 San Nicolás de Bujaruelo to Refugio de Góriz
Stage 17 Refugio de Góriz to Refugio de Pineta
Stage 18 Refugio de Pineta to Parzán
Stage 19 Parzán to Refugio de Biadós (Viadós)
Stage 20 Refugio de Biadós to Puen de San Chaime (Puente de San Jaime)
Stage 21 Puen de San Chaime to Refugio de Cap de Llauset
Stage 22 Refugio de Cap de Llauset to Refugi de Conangles
Stage 23 Refugi de Conangles to Refugi dera Restanca
Stage 24 Refugi dera Restanca to Refugi de Colomèrs (by Port de Caldes, GR11-18)
Stage 25 Refugi de Colomèrs to Espot
Stage 26 Espot to La Guingueta d’Àneu
Stage 27 La Guingueta d’Àneu to Estaon
Stage 28 Estaon to Tavascan
Stage 29 Tavascan to Àreu
Stage 30 Àreu to Refugi de Vallferrera
Stage 31 Refugi de Vallferrera to Refugi de Comapedrosa
Stage 32 Refugi de Comapedrosa to Arans
Stage 33 Arans to Encamp
Stage 34 Encamp to Refugio de l’Illa
Stage 35 Refugio de l’Illa to Refugi de Malniu
Stage 36 Refugi de Malniu to Puigcerdà
Stage 37 Puigcerdà to Camping Can Fosses, Planoles
Stage 38 Camping Can Fosses, Planoles to Núria
Stage 39 Núria to Setcases
Stage 40 Setcases to Beget
Stage 41 Beget to Sant Aniol d’Aguja
Stage 42 Sant Aniol d’Aguja to Albanyà
Stage 43 Albanyà to Maçanet de Cabrenys
Stage 44 Maçanet de Cabrenys to La Jonquera
Stage 45 La Jonquera to Els Vilars
Stage 46 Els Vilars to Llançà
Stage 47 Llançà to Cap de Creus

Appendix A Route summary table
Appendix B Facilities table
Appendix C Glossary
Appendix D Sources of information

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