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Chav Punk Hobbit: The Quest to the End of the World

Chav Punk Hobbit: The Quest to the End of the World

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This is not your average Camino Book. Written by a young pilgrim. Swear words and all... This is how he describes his book:

Barely surviving the extreme dementedness of Freekuency Festival 2012, Jason (Flapsandwich) bids farewell to his fellow Sicknote band members and embarks on an epic, totally unprepared pilgrimage along the Camino Portugués, from Porto to Santiago (240km of rugged terrain and extremes of weather that no TK Maxx raincoat or Poundland shades were ever meant to endure). This salutary change of scene soon produces dementedness all of its own, and after memorable encounters with rabid dogs, random perverts, and religious fanatics, not to mention the untimely demise of his staunch traveling companion Smaragda the Laptop, the temptation to quit raises its ugly head more than once. However, the Chav Punk Hobbit is not alone in his adventure. Aided and encouraged by a deranged assortment of fellow pilgrims, blues musicians, mad theologians, and ambulatory beards, he finds within him the determination to embrace the moment and pursue his quest beyond Santiago, and right to the End of the World.

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