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Product Image Official Camino Passport (Credential)

Official Camino Passport (Credential)


The photo above is of a passport with stamps. This passport comes with no stamps, you collect them when you walk. 

As of May 31st I sell the newly designed Credential issued by the Pilgrims Office in Santiago. I will sell the old design until I am out of stock. Both of these are official credentials and valid for all camino that end up in santiago de Compostela


New Credential

Old Credential

New Credential issued by the pilgrims office in Santiago (new design).
Has 1 more page compared to the old credential. Has place for 54 stamps.
Old Credential sold until I am out of stock. Just as valid as the new one.  


Please select if you want "New" or "Old" in the drop down when you order. 


This is the Official Pilgrim Credencial (Pilgrims Passport) issued by the Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela. It is valid for use before and after April 1st 2016 and does comply with the new rules that the Cathedral of Santiago issued in this press release December 17th 2015. It seems that this link does not open for some people, so I have made a pdf of this press release available here. 

Walk the Camino and collect stamps along the way. Once at the Pilgrims Office in Santiago, show this document and you will receive your Compostela. 

The credential is required for pilgrims using public albergues.  

Note that this passport comes free with many of my Camino Guide books.

Also have a look at the Pilgrim Passport Sleeve to protect your passport.

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