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Relish In the Tread: 3,000km By Foot Crossing Europe To Istanbul (English Edition)

Relish In the Tread: 3,000km By Foot Crossing Europe To Istanbul (English Edition)

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Embark on an intricate, gripping journey as one man travels 3,000km across Europe to Istanbul, by foot. From the depths of the Mediterranean Sea to the alleys of Istanbul, this novel offers a captivating story filled with awe-inspiring sights and sounds. Its evocative language and sensory-rich detail bring the experience to life, making it the perfect adventure for any discerning reader.

Beyond a mere travelogue, Steve Hunter’s debut novel unfolds along two very different, arduous, and ancient pilgrimage trails. Packed with warmth and humour, and based on Hunter's 3,000-kilometer walk across Europe. This journey bursts with bare-bones honesty and heartache. From the Camino De Santiago to a pilgrimage from Rome to Istanbul, Hunter tells it the Way that only a hardened traveler who sacrificed it all for the road could.

The protagonist Freddi's life lacked any sign of commitment. Until those first steps, he had nothing to show for himself. He had abandoned his career, lost the love of his life, and then wandered exploited tourist trails to satisfy his ego.
Relish In the Tread captures the daily trepidations and the highs of a modern day pilgrim. Through madness and perseverance, he vows to walk and keep walking until he reaches the eighth wonder of the world, Hagia Sophia, where Europe and Asia collide.

Relish challenges books written about pilgrimage and the Camino De Santiago. It is a compelling, and forthright story of one man’s odyssey toward discovery and transformation. And brings a literary force back to travel writing.

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