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Casa Ivar

Reusable University Mask

Reusable University Mask

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Reusable Hygienic Mask. Approved according to UNE 0065: 2020 regulations

  1. Bacterial filtration efficiency 91.81%

  2. Breathability: differential pressure (pa / cm2) 40.06

  3. The finish of this product has a durability of 25 washes at 60 degrees.

Wash at 60 degrees before using.

Explanation of the characteristics of the masks:

  1. The fabric is a double fabric that we commercially call it neoprene, they are two layers of fabric assembled into one due to the bonding or structure of the fabric. Weighing approx. 280 gr / m2 and a composition of 92% PES, 8% elastomer and a third layer of 100% cotton.
  2. The fabric finish is a sanitary finish that has three very important characteristics:
    1. Protection: it is waterproof (waterproof) and antibacterial, highlighting its "blood barrier" protection that created a specific barrier against the entry of blood and other fluids. Also without incorporating silver lons that could be harmful to health.
    2. Breathability: Without losing filling properties, the fluctocarbon that it incorporates provides breathability to the fabric.
    3. Comfort: Having transpiribility after a single prolonged use, it maintains body temperature avoiding sweating.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leanne D.
Reusable university mask

Love it. Lite weight washes and dries easily and quickly. Elastic around ears comfortable. I bought 2 masks in 2020-21 then another 2 at the of last year but they have not arrived as yet. So hoping they show up soon.

Morgan H.
Galician design COV mask

I have a very pointy chin so I have to wear mine upside down, but I have a collection of patterns from Casa Ivar because these are the most comfortable masks I own and they bring me joy.

Ken M.

very good keeping up to date with info

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